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YWCA Helps Kids Sleep in Heavenly Peace

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YWCA spent the day with power tools to support “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”   a local organization that aims to make beds for children who have none.  SHP was founded in Kimberly, Idaho, in 2012.  They have created a system to allow other communities to become location sites and create beds for children in their own town.   The group is a volunteer-driven organization and 100% of donations go toward building children’s beds.

YWCA staff and volunteers participated in a “Build Day” that was sponsored by Tata Chemicals to make 10 beds for children in Sweetwater County.   SHP makes the process easy no matter what your skill level, there is something for everyone to do.  Not only does SHP build the beds they also deliver them directly to the families and assemble them on site.

“It was so easy to volunteer.” said Melinda Baas, YWCA employee.  ” I was not sure how we would make 10 beds in one day but we did! They were really organized and have everything planned out.  It was great to see how quickly people picked up the process and moved things along.”

This program is available to anyone in the community to apply for.  The YWCA has referred clients to get assistance and one of the beds made that day was for a family from YWCA.   The last “Build Day” of the year was the end of August, so now is the time to get your group lined up for your own “Build Day” next year.  To enroll someone or get your group involved as volunteers contact Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Inc.

SHP Website   or call 1-844-432-BEDS      They are also on Facebook at:  Facebook@SHPbeds