Support YWCA through Smith’s Inspiring Donations

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Support YWCA through Smith’s Inspiring Donations

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YWCA encourages individuals to support the YWCA through a variety of opportunities.   One option is through your Smith’s rewards card.   If you shop at Smith’s you likely have a Rewards Card with them to get fuel rewards.   Did you know you could use that same card to support the YWCA?

All you need to do is go on-line to: .

  1.  Sign into your digital account or choose “create an account”  to register yourself and your’s Smith’s Rewards card number.
  2. You will then be able to link to “YWCA Sweetwater” .   and save your choice.


Smith’s Food & Drug donate’s .5% of every eligible purchase made by participants to the organization their rewards card is linked to.  So every time you shop you are supporting the YWCA.   There is no cost to participate and this does not affect your fuel points.   This is  “Win-Win”