YWCA receives generous support from the community

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YWCA receives generous support from the community

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In June, YWCA received a generous donation from a local couple to help a client in need. The donation was a 2008 vehicle with just a few minor repairs needed that they wanted to go to help a victim of domestic violence.   YWCA partnered with the City of Rock Springs and the Rock Springs Police Protective Association (PPA) to make this donation possible.

YWCA had funding to purchase the parts needed for the vehicle but not to pay labor costs. That is where Mayor Kaumo and Chief Pacheco stepped in to help, offering free labor on the vehicle through the city garage. Then YWCA partnered with the PPA to cover the vehicle registration costs.

Once the work was complete, YWCA was able to give the vehicle to a client in need.  “Transportation can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome when leaving an abusive situation.” Said Taneesa Congdon, Director of the YWCA Domestic Violence programs. “This generous donation of a vehicle provides independence, security, and reliability for a survivor of domestic violence. It is life changing for her and couldn’t have come at a better time.”  YWCA provides multiple services throughout Sweetwater County to help achieve their mission.  These services include advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse, stalking, and human trafficking; free financial education classes for anyone wanting to take charge of their financial life ; and quality child care to families in the community.

“We are always so thankful for the support and collaborations we have.”  Stated Kayla Mannikko, YWCA Development Director. “Without generous donors like Mayor Kaumo, and Chief Pacheco this project wouldn’t have been possible.”