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Be a part of helping families in Sweetwater County.   We could not do this important work without individuals and businesses who believe in what we do.  Click on our “donate” button to go to our secure donation page where you can be part of the making our mission happen.


Looking to donate some items?
Here are some suggestions.

Center for Families & Children

We are most in need of items to help victims of family violence re-start their lives and build new violence-free homes.  We have very limited space so clothing donations are best made to local thrift stores (Eileen’s Attic & Broadway Bargains).   These organizations have the space to store these donations.  When a client is in need of clothing we send them to these thrift stores where they can find the correct size, color, style to meet their needs.


Early Care & Learning Center

We have sufficient books to supplement our curriculum and we teach the children respect for literature to treat the books gently so they last.  We also utilize the Scholastic program to receive donations of new books.   Our teachers regularly rotate our books


Financial Empowerment Program:

Many times the Program is working with clients who are truely struggling and just do not have enough income to meet all their essential needs.   Having help in purchasing supplies or food or pet care items can make the difference from being underwater to being able to meet their needs each month.