How We Help Families

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YWCA of Sweetwater County continues to provide services through the Early Care and Learning Center, Financial Empowerment program, and Sweetwater County Center for Families and Children. These programs are based specifically on our community needs with hopes to better people’s lives.

YWCA of Sweetwater County began in 1976 and has grown into the agency it is today by the dedication, vision and hard work of employees, and volunteers.   YWCA is always seeking volunteers for various tasks and opportunities throughout the organization.

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“My stay at the shelter was great. I, Kelly* and my two kids moved in December 2017, I was really worried my kids wouldn’t be able to do anything for Christmas, but thanks to the CFC (YWCA Center for Families and Children), we were able to have a place to stay. The CFC employees were really friendly, they introduced themselves and showed me around. They asked me if the room I got was ok. It was just me and my kids for a while, then a lot of people came and went, so my anxiety was high. They told me I didn’t have to go upstairs or out of my room if I was uncomfortable. That helped my anxiety go down. They helped with a lot of stuff. They worked with helping me get a job. When I needed to stay longer, they let me. They helped me get a place of my own, and helped with grocery shopping. Even when I moved out and got my own place in February. They let me stay a couple days longer and take my time moving my things into my new place. Even though I had moved out, they still helped me. They helped me get the parts to fix my vehicle so I could have reliable transportation for my kids. And before that they helped with bus passes so I could get around. I felt comfortable, safe, secure, and at home living in the shelter. They also always checked on my kids and I make sure we were ok and if I needed anything. They paid bills and groceries and all that stuff we needed while there. Also donated a lot of stuff for my new place. I really loved how close my kids and I got to some of the CFC employees. They are really great people and very helpful. I would recommend people to the CFC if they need help and if I ever need help again I would go there. A big THANKS to all the new and old CFC employees, really great program. Now I’m fully back on my feet and feel like a good mom again and safe.”
*Name and some details edited for confidentiality purposes