Financial Empowerment Program

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Teach yourself to save! Don't worry if you don't have a lot of extra money. The key is building good saving habits. Start with spare change. Save all the change you get for one month and see how much you have. Then upgrade each month!


Everyone needs a budget! Start with what you are spending already. has a great FREE on-line app that can help or collect your receipts for a month. Or track your receipts for a month. You may be surprised!


Sharing what we have with others makes us feel better. It makes us a part of our community. But, don't be afraid to plan your giving. Pick the groups or activities that mean the most to you and plan ahead how much you can give.


Retirement now? Are you kidding? Nope. The earlier you can start planning the more secure your future will be. IRA / 401(k), these are actually super smart savings accounts! Find out if your employer offers to match retirement contributions!

Financial Empowerment Classes

Individual or group classes work on issues such as budgeting, paying down debt, learning to save for projects and each person writes up a personal budget. Individuals start with a basic class and budget outline. If individuals are able a set of 2-3 meetings to work on a more detailed financial plan is recommended. Classes are free of charge and you set your own schedule.

Topic Ideas:

The program can also provide informational presentations on a specific topic.  This is a great way for groups to be introduced to the ideas behind financial planning.

  • A quick look at your spending habits.
  • Can you survive a financial “Zombie attack”?
  • Let’s talk Credit Scores!
  • How to start thinking retirement!
  • What is F.I.R.E all about?

Money Smart Kids

We also have developed a “Smart Money Kids” program that uses games, crafts and conversations to introduce kids about responsible money choices.

This program started in the YWCA Summer Day Camp program with a weekly 1 hour topic on a particular issue. This program is geared for kids ages 5-8 years old.  There are several topics that can be structured as weekly sessions or combined (depending on how it is structured).  Topics:   What is money? Money recognition. Needs vs Wants. Saving money.  Spending ideas.

For older kids we would love to talk with you about ways to develop a program that would discuss money issues based on their age.   The program could include games, worksheets, or real life activities.  Talk with us about your ideas.

Call 352-6635 and ask for Cory or email

How often do you talk Retirement?

Retirement can mean so many different things. How often do you have those conversations with people in your family? Your spouse? The best time to start thinking about your retirement is NOW! Even if you are only in your 20s, 30s, 40s, START!

The Marshmallow Experiment

How would you do in the Marshmallow experiment? If you had a choice of one marshmallow now or two if you waited, which would you choose. It is fun to watch how these kids did in this "test."