Before and After School Program

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Before & After School Program

The philosophy of the program is to provide parents and children with a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere where children will have an opportunity to be together with peers outside of school.  During Before and After School care YWCA provides homework help. On No School days & Fridays developmentally appropriate activities and learning tools are used to help children continue learning and retain information. Children go on field trips that help them learn about their community.

While providing a fun experience children will receive creative instruction in modeling successful behavior and development of pro-social involvement.  Emphasis will also be placed on retention of reading, math and exploration of science/technology concepts.   Field trips, recreation and special projects will be part of the enrichment aspects of the programs.


Summer Day Camp

YWCA Summer Day Camp is held each summer.  We usually host this at an outside location to allow more space, but that changes each year.   Camp is designed for your child to be present five days a week and participate in all the activities.  This program runs begins a week after school lets out and runs until a week before school begins.  Camp is available to children ages 5 (entering kindergarten) up to ages 12.   The program is not just to help parents by providing a safe place for their children but also to provide an environment in which the children are able to grown in all areas of development.

The children go on field trips every week to places like the Library, local parks, Sweetwater County Fair, movies, local community businesses, and police & fire departments.  There is no additional cost for these field trips as the YWCA obtains donations to cover expenses.   The children also participate in the “Money Smart Kids Program” during Camp where they learn about money, wants vs needs, how to save and plan their spending.

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